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Our purpose is to create ADVENTURE based ultradistance bicycle events, that provide COMPETITION against both 'other riders' and 'oneself', to grow the cycling COMMUNITY


  • Riders will explore the best cycling roads, the most scenic areas and the most iconic climbs in the UK, routes will be both beautiful and brutal.

  • Routes will be challenging but achievable if riders are prepared and ride within their ability

  • Routes will be free flowing, fun and logical.

  • During and after the race, we want our riders to think..."wow, that was the best ride ever" .


  • Events provide will provide competition against both 'other riders' and 'self'. We acknowledge that often the biggest race is against ourselves, recognising that not everyone will be turning up to "win".

  • We want to determine who is the fastest sprint distance rider in the UK, we will invite the best UK riders to race so that they can compete in the same conditions and variables.

  • The rules are simple and transparent. Events will be easy to follow for competitors and spectators alike.

  • Multiple competitions will exist within the race. Each competition will be broken down by gender (with the exception of the lanterne rouge).


  • Firstly, we are citizens of planet Earth, secondly, we are homosapians who love to ride our bikes for long distances, finally we are not judgmental about how you define yourself beyond this, the first two points were already more than enough for us. Everyone is welcome.

  • We respect the planet as highly as we respect each other and ourselves, for if we do not have a planet, we do not have a home. Cycling should not cost us the Earth…it should not cost us our home.

  • We are selective about our industry partners, money does not talk louder than our values, commitments or responsibilities. An industry partner is with us because we share mutual values.

  • We want to play our part in growing this fantastic community. We will shortly start our "Rookie Road", an initiative that will bring riders from underrepresented groups to the start line of the race. The Rookie Road will be syllabus orientated and supported by the wider community.

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