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As a race organiser we have a decision to make; will we make a positive or a negative impact on the planet? We have decided on the former and endeavour to be a blinding beacon for the community and other events to follow.


To support our journey of becoming the most sustainable bicycle events company in the world, we have made big commitments, however, we can’t do all the heavy lifting, everyone has a part to play.



  • We commit to donate 5% OF OUR SALES to organisations that protect or rebuild the natural ecosystem.

  • We commit to offsetting ALL CO2 emissions released during the organisation of our events. We believe “Net Zero” should be the minimum, we want to be CARBON NEGATIVE and will therefore offset AN ADDITIONAL 25%.

  • We will be transparent and we will publish our impact on the environment annually. This will detail our “carbon accounting” and also provide evidence of the financial commitments made.

  • We commit to being paperless and single-use plastic free. Any plastic used by the organiser should be recyclable and will be recycled.

  • We will recycle any recyclable materials that riders bring back to the finish line.

  • We will operate race categories such as ‘plastic free’ to level the playing field for eco-harmonious riders


  • Race partners should be based in the UK, and where possible so should their operations, the UK has a skilled workforce and utilising it will bring a multitude of benefits to the community not just to the environment.

  • Race partners should be using or actively moving towards recyclable/re-usable packaging, where possible packaging should be minimised.

  • We will not partner with companies that compromise our values.


  • Where possible riders should ride to the event or use public transport. This isn’t always practical, so we ask riders who drive/fly to consider joining us in offsetting their emissions plus 25%.

  • Where possible riders should avoid single use plastic, opting for recyclable materials. If a rider is unable to recycle on the road, then we will provide recycling opportunities at the finish line.

  • We commit to helping our colleagues at other races improve their environmental impact if they request it, these are not trade secrets.

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