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Q: Is there parking available?
A: To reduce our carbon footprint there will be no parking provided, we encourage riders to use public transport to get to the event. The start is located closely to Warwick and Leamington Spa Train Stations.

Q: Is there a bag drop?
A: Yes, participants will be able to leave a backpack/rucksack with the team at registration, this will be covered by the entry fee. If you scratch we can arrange shipping back to you.

Q: How much is the entry fee?
A: £80

Q: Can I ride as a pair?
A: Yes, entry for pairs is £120

Q: Can I hire a SPOT tracker?
A: Yes, hire is available for £50, if you have a tracker (or can borrow one from a friend) you can use this so long as it is compatible with our tracking provider. 

Q: Are trackers mandatory and can I bring my own?
A: Trackers are mandatory, we believe dot watching and tracking is a core aspect of the ultra endurance scene. Trackers also provide a level of safety for riders, they also allow family and friends to follow your progress in some cases offering reassurance for loved ones who may not "get" why we do these kind of events. Trackers can also provide riders, particularly new/inexperienced riders comfort on the road as well. If you are riding as a pair only one tracker is required.

Q. Do I need insurance?
A. Yes, riders must provide proof of insurance before being permitted to ride.

Q. Do I have to start at 1900h?
A. Yes, although we may explore the option of an earlier start in the future

Q. Is there an end time?
A. Yes and no. We will not staff the finish point after 1900h on Sunday 19th June, however if you submit all of your data you will still have an acknowledged finish.