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Q: Is there parking available?
A: To reduce our carbon footprint there will be no parking provided, we encourage riders to use public transport to get to the event. The start is located closely to Warwick and Leamington Spa Train Stations.

Q: Is there a bag drop?
A: Yes, participants will be able to leave a backpack/rucksack with the team at registration, this will be covered by the entry fee. If you scratch we can arrange shipping back to you (at your cost).

Q: How much is the entry fee?
A: £80 (single)

Q: Can I ride as a pair?
A: Yes, entry for pairs is £120

Q: Can I hire a tracker?
A: Yes, hire is available for £50 per person. If you have a tracker (or can borrow one from a friend) you can use this so long as it is compatible with our tracking provider Follow My Challenge, there will be an additional £22 set up charge that will be payable to the tracking provider. Compatible trackers include SPOT and Garmin InReach, if you have an alternative not listed I would be happy check its compatibility with service provider for you.

Q: Are trackers mandatory and can I bring my own?
A: Trackers are mandatory, we believe dot watching and tracking is a core aspect of the ultra endurance scene. Trackers also provide a level of safety for riders, they also allow family and friends to follow your progress in some cases offering reassurance for loved ones who may not "get" why we do these kind of events. Trackers can also provide riders, particularly new/inexperienced riders comfort on the road as well. If you are riding as a pair only one tracker is required.

Q. Do I need insurance?
A. Yes, riders must provide proof of 3rd party insurance before being permitted to ride. Please bring this on the day to show at check in. There will also be a waiver confirming that you understand the risks of the event.

Q. Do I have to start at 1900h?
A. The clock starts at 1900h so it would be advisable. If you are running late we will fast track your registration and get you going as quickly as possible, however the clock will be already live.

Q. Is there an end time?
A. Yes and no. We will not staff the finish point after 1900h on Sunday 25th June, however if you submit all of your data you will still have an acknowledged finish.

Q. Are the parcours gravel?
A.  This type of surface would feature 2.5-3KM, representing ~0.3% of the total race distance. There are a couple of parcours that involve a brief visit to graded roads/tracks(compacted gravel), these are in a maintained condition(Google Street View will provide an indication), the race organiser(Liam) has ridden his road bike with skinny tyres on these surfaces during recon with no problems - albeit he went slightly slower than he would on tarmac(which still isn't very fast).

Malvern Hills: A brief graded path that joins the Happy Valley pathway to the St Annes Café ~150m long

Stonehenge: A 1.25KM jaunt down a graded road from Larkhill to the road used by the tourists by the stones, very popular with campervans and camping in general, slight hippy vibe which was quite interesting. Well worth it for the views of the monument.

Caen Hill Locks: Join the canal path from Marsh Lane, re-join Bath Road, ~1.5KM of graded path

Q. What is the refund policy if I enter but discover I cannot make it?

A. We operate a refund policy that reflects non-recoverable expenditure on the race as we approach the start date, the below should be used as a guide.

•Before   15/02/2023 = 90% refund

•Before   15/03/2023 = 50% refund

•Before   15/04/2023= 25% refund

•After     15/04/2023 = 0% refund

Q. Are you related to the Two Volcano Sprint?

A. Unfortunately not, but it is one of our favourite races, we enjoy the play on words using sprint and have thus decided to pay homage to this. Its a really cool event and we recommend you check it out.

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