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Location: Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, UK

Nationality: British/Irish

Cycling Experience: Organiser of the Solstice Sprint Bike Race. Multiple tours including LEJOG, Paris-Barcelona, Rome-London, multiple London-Paris rides.

Professional Experience: 10 Years operations management within 3rd Party Logistics, 1 Logistics and Supply Chain Consulting

About: I started riding in 2014 during a graduate charity ride from London to Paris, Paris was great, but it was the journey that truely caught my imagination, it amazed me that we would zoom past so many amazing places in a car or in a plane, this began my love of cycling and my obsession with spending long days on my bike to see how far I could go.

Due to long term recurring shoulder injuries, I never seemed to quite make the full transition from tourer/DotWatcher to racer. My injury always seemed to prevent me from making it to the start line, so I decided to experience racing the best way that I could given my circumstances…by organising the best races I could and sharing in the journeys of the riders.

To repay the trust thst riders place in me, I invest an incredible amount of time into organising the races, as a result, the Solstice Sprint has quickly become one of the biggest ultra races in the UK. I am governed my a strong ethical compass and believe that consistent application of the right values and behaviours will produce the right results. 

I have recently had my shoulder fixed and look forward standing on the start line holding my handlebars instead of my stop watch for a change...Watch this space!



Location: Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, UK

Nationality: British

Cycling Experience: None

Professional Experience: 3 years of pest control (flies/spiders only)

About: Trusty pet and pest controller. Lulu's tangible contributions to the race are questionable as she is often found sleeping on the job, or taking a supervisory role whilst I complete the 'behind the scenes' planning/admin.

This race would simply not exist if she had decided against waking me up to feed her in the early hours one morning in December 2021. This early morning wake up call resulted in me slipping down some stairs and dislocating my shoulder(again) - effectively wiping any hope of racing that year out. I started the Solstice Sprint to live vicariously through other riders and share their journey with them.

If any rider is unhappy with the brutal nature of the climbs featured in the race, we recommend directing all complaints to Lulu, it is her fault, she started it all.

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Privacy Policy


I am looking for volunteers to help during the 2024 race, if you are interested in joining us then please get in touch. Volunteers will receive a free entry to the next edition. We are currently looking for help with:

  • Dotwatcher Commentary

  • Social Media

  • Photography/Videography

  • Sign In/Check In Desks

  • Race Marshals (remote and physical)

  • Catering/Refreshments

For the first edition in 2023, I tried to do almost everything myself, which was a mistake if it wasn't for my volunteers, I would probably not be returning for 2024, so thank you for all your help to the following:

  • Ashley Harris - Check in desk

  • Guy Stapleford - DotWatcher commentary

  • Rob Gardiner(check out his Perfidious Albion events) - Trackers & photography

  • Nadia Shahanaz - Trackers & photography

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