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In the ancient tapestry of our shared human history, the Summer Solstice emerges as a sacred thread, weaving itself through countless generations. A timeless celebration, echoing the footsteps of our ancestors who,  converged in their tribes and communities to honour the sun's zenith.


Our ancestors traversed distant lands, kindling fires of camaraderie through rituals, revelry, and the spirit of competition. Amidst the joyous dance of the longest day, old bonds were strengthened, and new bonds were forged. Today, we invite you to embrace this enduring tradition, to pedal through time and terrain, creating your own chapter in the age-old saga of the Summer Solstice celebration.

Guided by the pillars of Adventure, Competition, and Community, participants will embark on a 1000KM journey through a kaleidoscope of landscapes in the South West of England and across Wales. Before the race begins, unite with fellow riders at the pre-race celebration dinner, setting the stage for an unforgettable experience.

The long days and mild weather create the perfect conditions for riders to prove themselves in the one of the earliest races of the calendar, setting the tone for what is to come later in the season.

Our 2024 route has been described as a medley of brutal climbs and beautiful vistas, visiting areas including; the Cotswolds, North Wessex Downs, Wye Valley, Eryri National Park, The Great Orme and the Shropshire Hills.

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 Race Summary:

  • Start/Finish Warwick, UK​​

  • 10 Checkpoints

  • Fixed Route - Road

    • ~1,000KM distance

    • ~14,000M Elevation

  • Entry £140 Solo, £200 Pair

  • Tracker hire included

    • Coverage on​

  • Pre-race registration/welcome dinner

  • Cycling Cap

  • Bag drop available

  • Showers/changing facilities

  • Experienced and Rookies welcome

  • Tandems welcome


  • Solo (Male and Female categories)

  • Pairs 

  • Tandem 


  • Lanterne Rouge

  • Instagram

We regularly post updates on our Instagram, visit and follow for more information

The Rules​:

Ultra distance cycling requires integrity from all riders, the rules for this race are very simple:

  1. Riders must be self-sufficient 

  2. The route is to be followed, if you deviate you must return to the point of deviation before continuing

  3. Riders should leave no trace (no littering)

  4. Riders must carry at all times: a mobile phone (charged), Hi-Vis harness, foil blanket and bike lights

  5. Riders must follow the highway code and the laws of the land at all times

  6. Riders must report any issues with their trackers ASAP

  7. Bicycles must be road worthy

  8. Riders are required to provide proof of insurance

  9. No drafting unless you have entered as a pair

  10. Riders must ride within their abilities and not take unnecessary risks. 

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